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Heart Burn Reliefla


Case Study



: Optimize Dr. Carson Liu’s existing website, heartburnreliefla.com highlighting his Reflux Surgery Center and treatment of Chronic Heartburn.

Business Goals

: Promote Dr. Liu’s expertise as a leading expert on heartburn relief solutions by expanding his search engine strategy (SEO). He wanted a site that was optimized so it would rank well for relevant chronic heartburn, acid reflux and GERD keywords and procedures.

LaunchMD Solution

: Created a comprehensive marketing plan that provided an increase in the monthly traffic, rankings and procedures for existing site, heartburnreliefla.com. Dr. Liu’s plan included SEO, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), PPC (Pay per Click) Marketing, Reputation Management and PR. LaunchMD used a hybrid marketing approach that both strengthened and diversified his online presence thereby creating more online exposure across multiple marketing channels.

LaunchMD Tech Specs

: Redesigned with responsive design using the latest WordPress platform and plugins.


Dr. Liu’s site is performing very well and is very happy with his new site.